Completed Projects

1.  Watersprite Lake Trail — 20 km east of Squamish

Provide assistance and funding to the BCMC to continue trail maintenance and improvements, especially between the Demon rock slide and the BCMC Watersprite Lake Hut. A former debris flow blocked a culvert with water subsequently being diverted down the trail. Excavate and rebuild this washout. Completed October 7, 2020.

Estimated Cost: $15,000 Completed October 2020 on time and under Budget

Funding Provided: $10,000 by the SLRD and $5,000 from the public including $2,000 from Valhalla Pure Outfitters in Squamish

2. Baden Powell Trail in West Vancouver Upper Lands

We are in discussion with West Vancouver Parks to work on the Baden Powell Trail in the section along Lawson Creek. The proposed project lies between the Trans Canada Trail at 550 meters elevation and the West Lake Loop cross-country ski trail at 850 meters on Hollyburn Ridge. All work will be done in close partnership with the District and access will be negotiated with the District as the project progresses.

The work being proposed is to (1) Improve and provide drainage channels, where needed. (2) Provide wooden or rock steps, where needed. The work will be completed over several years as funding becomes available. There is the opportunity to use volunteers, contractors and municipal resources.

Cost: $9,450 - Phase 1 Completed August 2020 On time and On Budget

Click on the Following Link to download PDF brochure of work done to date:  BCMF Baden Powell Update Project

3.  Watersprite Lake Trailhead Outhouse – Squamish 

Cost: $10,000 - Completed August 2019 On time and On Budget

  • Provide assistance and funding to the BCMC to install a separation outhouse at the Watersprite Lake trailhead.

Photos from the recently BCMF funded and Watersprite Lake Trailhead Outhouse Completed August 2019 On time and On Budget


4.  North Vancouver Museum & Archives preservation of Mountain Related records

  • The BCMF donated $1,200 to the North Vancouver Museums & Archives to curate and digitize mountain related collections. 

5.  Watersprite Lake Campsite – Squamish

  • Provide assistance and funding to the BCMC to continue to improve the Watersprite Lake Campsite. This will include repairing current tent pads, improving the trail around the lake as well as adding further tent pads.

 Cost: $6,000 - Completed August 5th, 2019 On time and On Budget