The British Columbia Mountain Foundation, founded in 2018, is a charity solely focused on establishing and maintaining public huts, shelters, trails and other outdoor and wilderness related facilities across British Columbia, Canada. We are run entirely by volunteers whom are all passionate about the common goal of preserving and improving the great outdoors of British Columbia to ensure it is passed on to the next generation in a better condition than that in which we found it.

If you have an interest in the outdoors it is likely you will have used and benefitted from the numerous mountain trails that have been established throughout B.C. over the last century, many of them built by volunteers for public use on Government land. As the popularity of hiking, mountaineering and wilderness pursuits grows so does the pressure to build more trails and maintain existing ones. Through solely charitable purposes and activities, both of its own initiative, by funding other organizations or in conjunction with partnerships, the British Columbia Mountain Foundation will work towards improving and maintaining the British Columbia backcountry by ensuring there are successful and well funded projects in place to meet these growing demands.

Please visit our Projects page for more details on our current work.

Examples of our likely partners include, but are not limited to, the British Columbia Mountaineering Club, the Alpine Club of Canada and the Spearhead Huts Society.

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