We continue to welcome ideas from the public or organized groups for projects. However, the B.C. Mountain Foundation is a funding organization. Projects must be presented to the BCMF with a budget, and be authorized by the province. A volunteer leader for the project must be identified.

1. Heather Trail restoration—Manning Park

The Heather Trail in Manning Park starts from Blackwall parking lot to Buckhorn Camp, and continues to Three Brothers Mountain and Kicking Horse Camp. It is a popular summer hike that passes through extensive alpine meadows with grand vistas over the North Cascades range of mountains. About one kilometer of the Heather Trail below its junction with Bonnevier Trail is in need of restoration. The trail is deeply eroded and braided. BC Parks has approved restoration using a mini-excavator during the summer of 2024 for approximately two weeks.

Project cost: $20,000

2. Howe Sound Crest Trail North—12 km east of Britannia Beach

The B.C. Mountaineering Club has the long term vision to extend the Howe Sound Crest Trail north from Deeks Lake to Squamish. (Or, coupled with existing trails, from Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver to Squamish.) This project focuses on a missing piece that connects Mountain Lake to trails in Shannon Creek.

The BCMF received $9,000 from the Sea to Sky Gondola corporation. Authorization to proceed was granted by Recreation Sites and Trails BC.

Work was done in 2019, 2020 and 2021. Estimated completion late 2024.

Funding Provided: $9,000

Funds remaining: $2,275

3. Baden Powell Trail (Lawson Creek section), phase 5—West Vancouver

The B.C. Mountaineering Club proposed a project to restore a two-kilometer section of the Baden Powell Trail in West Vancouver. The project was presented to West Vancouver Parks in 2019 and approved in 2020. The project parallels Lawson Creek in the West Vancouver Upper Lands to the Cypress Provincial Park boundary on Hollyburn Ridge.

The work is to (1) Improve and provide drainage channels. (2) Provide wooden or rock steps. (3) Replace or rehabilitate footbridges. The work will be completed over several years as funding becomes available. There is the opportunity to use volunteers, contractors and municipal resources.

Four years of work has been done. There remains just less than one kilometer of trail to restore. We anticipate there is another two years of work left to complete the project at a rate of $20,000 per year.

4. Fat Dog Creek footbridge replacement, phase 2—E.C. Manning Park

This project was initiated by the B.C. Mountaineering Club in 2023 to replace three washed out footbridges on the Fat Dog Creek trail in Manning Park. The first bridge was replaced in 2023. A further two footbridges are in need of replacement.