1. Lizzy Lake Outhouse


2. Squamish Windsurfer outhouse - Squamish Spit


3. Fat Dog Creek Bridge Replacements

Replace 3 bridges on the Fat Dog Creek trail in Manning Park to improve winter access. 

Total Budget: $36,350

Complete the work late 2022 and 2023


4.  Centennial Trail Restoration

The project is to restore a campground and 30-kilometer section of the Centennial Trail between Manning Park and Cathedral Park that has fallen into disrepair and been ravaged extensively by wildfire. The work is planned between Monument 83 and Trapper Lake in the Pasayten River area of the West Okanagan region.

  1. Phase 1 - 2021:
    1. Flag trail for trail crews
    2. Fly trail crews in to fall dangerous trees and re-establish the 30 km section of trail
  2. Phase 2 – 2022:
    1. Prepare the campground area and remove dangerous obstacles
    2. Install boardwalks
    3. Install picnic tables and campfire rings
    4. Install wilderness outhouse
    5. Install bear proof food locker

Total Cost: $58,753

Funding Provided by the BC Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program CERIP: $58,278


5.  Howe Sound Crest Trail North — 12 km east of Britannia Beach

The long term goal is to extend the Howe Sound Crest Trail north from Deeks Lake to Squamish. This project focuses on a missing piece that connects Mountain Lake to trails in Shannon Creek.

The BCMF has received $9,000 from the Sea to Sky Gondola corporation. Authorization to proceed was granted by Recreation Sites and Trails BC.

Work is in progress through 2019, 2020 and 2021. Estimated completion late 2022.

2019: Trail survey $600 (completed)

2020: Construction phase 1: $2,443 (completed)

2021: Construction phase 2: $3,000 (completed)

2022: Construction phase 3: $3,000

Total Cost: $9,000

Funding Provided: $9,000


6. Baden Powell Trail in West Vancouver Upper Lands - Phase 3

The work being proposed is to (1) Improve and provide drainage channels, where needed. (2) Provide wooden or rock steps, where needed. (3) Add gravel base, as needed. (4) Rehabilitate footbridge across creek. The work will be completed over several years as funding becomes available. There is the opportunity to use volunteers, contractors and municipal resources.

West Vancouver Foundation has generously provided a grant in the amount of $7,500 for this work, thank you "West Vancouver Foundation".